Pictorial Directory

Presbytery Pictorial Directory

Susie Wright Certified Christian Educator, Westminster, Hot Springs
Harlis Wright Commissioned Ruling Elder, Faith Presbyterian, Pine Bluff
Rev. Dan Wooley Pastor, First, Lincoln and Stated Supply, Mount Co
Rev. Darwin Wolfe Honorably Retired
Rev. Rita Wilson Honorably Retired
Rev. Robert Williamson Member-at-Large
Rev. J. Q. Williams Honorably Retired
Rev. Susan Carter Wiggins Member-at-Large
Rev. Don Wardlaw Honorably Retired
Rev. Marci Ward Member-at-Large
Rev. Liz Wagner Associate Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista
Rev. Lindy Vogado Associate Pastor, Second, Little Rock
Rev. Michael Vinson Member-at-Large
Rev. Ken Upham Honorably Retired
Rev. Joe Tropansky Honorably Retired
Rev. Don Trent Honorably Retired
Rev. Fred Taylor Stated Supply, Pres. Church of Bull Shoals, HR
Rev. Nancy Louise Taylor Honorably Retired
Rev. Terry Ann Tallent Member-at-Large
Rev. Rebecca Spooner Member-at-Large
Rev. J. Stewart Smith General Presbyter, Presbytery of Arkansas
Nancy Irving Smith Certified Christian Educator, Retired
Rev. Shauna Silmon Member-at-Large
Rev. Richard Shinkle Honorably Retired
Rev. Georgia Senor Associate Pastor, First, Bentonville
Rev. Lacy Sellars, Jr. Pastor, First, Hot Springs
Rev. Bill Seitz Transitional Pastor, First, Mena
Rev. Mike Seitz Honorably Retired
Rev. David Schaller Pastor, Faith Presbyterian, Horseshoe Bend
Rev. Patricia Schaller Member-at-Large
Rev. Anne Russ Temporary Supply, First, North Little Rock
Rev. Ward Rudolph Member-at-large
Rev. Dari Rowen Pastor, First, Benton
Rev. Susan Rose Campus Minister, United Campus Ministry, Fayettevi
Rev. Leslie Bethell Roper Pastor, First, Batesville
Rev. Dennis Ritchie Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Bella Vista
Rev. Jerry Rice Honorably Retired
Rev. Marilyn Rausch Honorably Retired
Rev. Becky Purcell Pastor, First, Prairie Grove
Rev. Jeff Price Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian, Little Rock
Rev. Emmett Powers Member-at-Large
Kelly Pearson Commissioned Ruling Elder, First, Dardanelle
Rev. Richard Miller Honorably Retired
Rev. James Miller Honorably Retired
Rev. Burle Mattingly Honorably Retired
Rev. Marie Mainard-O'Connell Interim Associate, Little Rock--Second
Rev. Robert Lowry Member-at-Large
Rev. Jennifer Lord Member-at-Large
Rev. Mark Lenneville Member-at-Large
Linda LeBron Certified Christian Educator, Retired
Rev. Frank LeBlanc Pastor, Westover Hills, Little Rock
Rev. David Laverty Honorably Retired
Rev. Lori Kleinjan Stated Supply, First, Helena
Rev. Dave King Transitional Pastor, Pine Bluff--Central, Hon. Ret
Rev. Young Doo Kim Member-at-Large
Jim Keyes Commissioned Ruling Elder, One-O-One Presbyterian, Gamaliel
Rev. Clare Martin Kelley Pastor, Holiday Island Presbyterian and First, Eureka Springs
Rev. Dave King Transitional Pastor, Pine Bluff--Central, Hon. Ret
CRE G. Hartley Jones Barr Memorial, Norman
Rev. Lance Jones Honorably Retired
Rev. Ron Jones Honorably Retired
Rev. Sally Johnson Honorably Retired
Rev. Bob Hyatt Honorably Retired
Rev. Marion Humphrey Pastor, Allison Memorial Presbyterian, Little Rock
Rev. Bill Henning Honorably Retired
Rev. Al Henager Member-at-Large
Rev. Stephen Hancock Pastor, Second, Little Rock
Rev. Robert Hadley Pastor, Kirk of the Hills, Fairfield Bay
Rev. Susan Gray Stated Supply, Bentonville, Vaughn
Rev. Howard "Flash" Gordon Honorably Retired
Rev. David Gill Member-at-Large; Executive Director, Ferncliff
Rev. Gordon Garlington Honorably Retired
Rev. Elizabeth Gabbard Pastor, First, Arkadelphia
Rev. Richard Frothingham Honorably Retired
Rev. Debra Carl Freeman Interim Pastor, First, Jacksonville
Rev. Orin Frank Honorably Retired
Rev. Alan Ford Honorably Retired
Rev. Jim Fleming Honorably Retired
Rev. Laura Fleetwood Honorably Retired
Rev. Duane Farris Honorably Retired
Rev. Ruskin Falls Pastor, Pulaski Heights Presbyterian, Little Rock
Rev. Heinrich Eiler Honorably Retired
Rev. David Dyer Stated Supply, Westminster, Little Rock
Rev. Guy Delaney Member-at-Large
Rev. Fern Davis Pastor, Holly Grove Presbyterian
Rev. Kade Curry Pastor, First, Searcy
Rev. Katie Cummings Pastor, First, Bentonville
Rev. Jeff Cranton Member-at-Large
Rev. Robert Cox Honorably Retired
Rev. Lance Clemmons, Jr. Member-at-Large
K. C. Chanthorn CRE, Laotian Fellowship (Fort Smith)
Rev. Jim Chaffin Honorably Retired
Rev. Thomas Carter Honorably Retired
Rev. Joy Carrington Pastor, Hopewell Presbyterian, Morrilton
Rev. William Carr Honorably Retired
Rev. Don Campbell Honorably Retired
Kristi Button Christian Educator, First United, Fayetteville
Rev. Janet Butin Co-Pastor, First United, Fayetteville
Rev. Philip Butin Co-Pastor, First United, Fayetteville
Rev. Brian Brock Pastor, Central, Russellville
Rev. William Branch Transitional Pastor, First, Walnut Ridge
Rev. Bryan Bond Pastor, First, Van Buren
Rev. Tasha Blackburn Pastor, Fort Smith, First
Rev. Phillip Blackburn Pastor, Fort Smith, First
Rev. Nancy Benson-Nicol Member-at-Large
Rev. Leslie Belden Member-at-Large
CRE Carolyn Beane Barr Memorial, Norman
Rev. Ben Bateman Honorably Retired
Rev. John Barklind Honorably Retired
Rev. William Bailey Pastor, Kirk in the Pines, Hot Springs Village
Jeannie Ford Andrews Christian Educator, Second, Little Rock
Rev. Catherine Allsbury Member-at-Large
Rev. Karen Akin Pastor, Grace, Little Rock
Rev. Karen Akin Pastor, Grace, Little Rock